Product history

We were students. We had some light and sound equipment, and we started organizing wedding parties to make some money. Our passion was computer software programming and electronic development.

1989 – 0 to 10 Volts

The first multi task computer is born; welcome to the computer Commodore Amiga! (multitask with 256KB of RAM)
We design printed circuit boards, with 0-10V outputs, to drive our lighting equipment with this outstanding computer.

1994 – DMX 512

The new Commodore Amiga computer is more compact, and a new communication protocol called “dmx512” is borned. We design a compact “parallel port to dmx 512” interface.

2000 – Windows

Microsoft Windows is more and more present on the market, and Amiga Commodore less and less. We introduce a new software for Microsoft Windows 98. In the meantime, we design a new serial port to dmx interface with standalone ability. We are now able to run a PC-programmed lightshow without a computer.

2005 – USB

The usb technology is now reliable (thanks to Windows XP). It is time for us to release our first “usb to dmx” interface: the famous “SweetBox” !

2009 – Macbook

Times change. Apple is back on the computer market with the Intel-based processor Macbooks (same processor as for Windows computers). We release our first multi-platform software for Windows and MacOS computers.

2016 – Ethernet

We now see IP devices everywhere (video camera, coffee machine, …). We introduce a standalone “Ethernet to dmx” interface with embedded web server. You can now control your lightshow with your smartphone from everywhere, without any computer.

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