Pro Stage Lighting Design

Stage Design Lighting for Live shows

Our promise: stage design lighting that you’ll love! The lighting operator presses buttons for pan/tilt movements, he stacks color/gobos presets, he adjusts speed faders and dimmers.
He can drive all buttons and sliders with a midi surface control device.
The couple “Live” screen + midi console makes a powerful lighting desk for a very competive price.



From a vertical list, the lighting operator selects the next scene, and he triggers the transition with a “go” button.
He can reorganize the list while the current scene is playing.
He can control and modify the show, according to last minute actor changes. This is lighting desk for theater. Stage design lighting at its best it what we strive for.


Synchronized show

A cursor moves from left to right in a timeline view and it triggers scenes while it plays an audio (or video) file.
Save complex and expensive time-coded installations, and simply play the multimedia lightshow, with all files stored in the computer.


Evaluate our Software for free!

Download it, load the demo project and watch the lightshow in our 3D viewer.
SweetLight makes stage design lighting fun and easy, and is available for download on your Windows or MacOS computer.