The ideal light controller for Clubs

Night club

Using our light controller, a few “Macro” buttons allow the DJ to trigger, in one click, several scene buttons simultaneously. They can also be triggered randomly or in chase. The guests will see an amazing lightshow for a long period of time. And this without any human action required!


Mobile disco

Memorize the key pan/tilt positions for your fixtures as “palettes”. Then simply build your scenes with these palettes. For your next shows in other locations, just update the palettes in our light controller software and the lightshow will be ready for the new stage. The dmx addresses of your fixtures can even be different, just inform the patch of the new address, and the lightshow will keep running.


Evaluate our Software for free !

Download it, load the demo project and watch the lightshow in our 3D viewer.
SweetLight is available for download on your Windows or MacOS computer.
Light Controllers can be difficult to use, not so with SweetLight!